Friday, January 4, 2013

Free For All Friday - Books

Welcome to Free For All Friday.  Like Mondays I will be posting about whatever catches my fancy.  I might be talking about family, shopping, decorating, reading, you get the idea.   I am hoping that Mondays and Fridays will help me with my writing skills.

For this first Free For All Friday I am going to talk about the books I need to read.  First I need to go back in time to explain I was never a fan of reading.  Getting me to read in school was like pulling teeth.  Back then they did not know about learning disabilities and I have my share of them.  It wasn't until I was in my late 20's before I started enjoying reading.  However, it is still an ordeal for me to pick up that book and start reading.  If the book does not grab me by the 3rd chapter I don't usually finish it. In order for me to read it must be quiet, no TV or radio on, otherwise I could read a paragraph 4 or 5 times over before it sinks in.  I know this might sound strange but depending on the book (heavy reading) I must have a bright room to read, it helps me concentrate.  I am a slow reader it can take me up to a month to read a book.

I will buy books and it could be years before I start reading them it is almost like I have to psych myself up to crack it open.  I am going to share with you books I have bought at least a year ago (some 8 years ago) that I need to read.

Committed: A Love Story - Elizabeth Gilbert
Dreams of Joy - Lisa See
A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness
Coyote Blue - Christopher Moore
Black Heels to Tracker Wheels - Ree Drummond
The Tea House on Mulberry Street - Sharon Owens
Island of the Sequined Love Nun - Christopher Moore
The Stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore
Lamb - Christopher Moore
Virgin River - Robyn Carr
Must Love Dogs - Claire Cook

There are more books that I didn't list and I didn't even think about the books I downloaded onto my iPad.  I would be thrilled to get through half the books I listed.  My Goal for 2013 is not to read a certain number of books but to read.

Do you enjoy reading?  Do you prefer a book or reading off your Kindle, Nook, iPad?  I prefer a book but I have read 4 books on my iPad so far.

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  1. I love reading books! I haven't read a "real" book in ages though...ever since getting my ipad I've been reading free ebooks on the kindle app. Christopher Moore...Al has read all his books and really enjoys them...hope you do too Pam :)

  2. I love reading as well. I haven't stopped since the start of highschool. Must get it from my mom


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