Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gratitudes and Blessings

2012 was a very bad year for my husband and I.  The worse it got the more negative I got and that is not me.  I am a upbeat optimistic person that let things get out of hand and mess my head up and I let myself become a victim.  This year I am getting back to the person I am and not letting setbacks get the best of me.

I am dedicating my Sunday blog to Gratitudes and Blessings.  Looking at the good stuff that is happening each week in my life will make more of an impact than the crappy things and hopefully with this attitude it scare the bad right out of my life.

This week I am thankful for

Good health for both my husband and myself

My Facebook Family that always puts a smile on my face

That even though my daughter is 7 hours away we are only minutes away from a phone call

That my daughter is happy and leading the life she was meant to live

That my daughter is in good health

That I have the sweetest English Bull Terrier Olive that makes me laugh everyday

That I have a husband that loves me and makes me laugh my ass off

That we had 5 days of having good water

I send Blessings to everyone out there and be kind to each other and try to pay it forward by surprising at least one person with a Random Act of Kindness this week.

Until Next Time,


  1. I'm lucky enough to also have a husband who makes me laugh every day, he's also my best friend :)

  2. Laughter is the best and to have your spouse being the one to make you laugh makes it even better


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