Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Beautiful Thursday

Thunderstorms are gone and we had a beautiful sunny day.  Next 10 days we will be in the high 80's and maybe even hitting 90.  What I do love about Utah the nights cool off (mid 50's).  Beats California days of 110 and lows of 105.  

Bill cleared out the garage today and is working on rearranging so everything fits better.  Saving room for a freezer and refrigerator (which I am hoping to get next year) but still fitting all of his stuff.  Anna and I decided to take the truck and head to town.  We stopped at Ace Hardware, Post Office, Gas Station and picked up some sandwiches and had lunch in the park with Olive.

While driving (creeping) around the neighborhood I like to take photographs of the beautiful flowers in yards.  Today we passed a house that was filled with Sunflowers.  I snapped a couple of photos and am sharing one of them with you.
I think I could take a photo every night of our sunsets and not one of them would look the same.  As the storm passed through I got this photo of angry clouds, rain and rays of sun peeking through the clouds.
We had lightening all night long which made the clouds light up and a few times a bolt would shoot across the sky.  Oh, I do love to hear the thunder rumble and crack.
Lastly I will leave you with our puppy Olive sleeping.  This is a up close and personal of her mouth and nose she was sleeping so sound I don't think anything could have woke her up except food.  Love those Bull Terriers.
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