Friday, August 12, 2011

Puppy Engerizer

Having a puppy is like having a new baby.  Olive doesn't sleep through the whole night yet.  Around 2am Bill or I have to take her outside to go potty.  Then when she gets back in the house she is awake and wants to play.  The only problem playing with a new puppy is the biting oh my goodness I forget how sharp puppy teeth are and they don't realize how hard they are biting.

We have been taking Olive on our daily walks (which today she went almost 1 mile)  It poops her out that when she gets home she falls into a deep sleep.  I had the idea that we should do our walk in the late afternoon in hopes that she sleeps tonight.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Olive grabbed her clean potty pad and pulled onto her bed for her nap. 

Today I'm thinking of my favorite bad fattening drink 
Just might have to indulge tomorrow

H is for Hello Harley

I couldn't make my mind up between Bill's Harley Davidson or one of Anna's Hello Kitty's
Both are very BIG in our household so I went with both of them

Until Next Time,

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