Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Welcomed Visitors

What a strange afternoon we had yesterday.  We have two alerts set up to let us know when people are coming up our drive.  Deer, foxes and squirrels have been know to set it off that is why we have two.  If both go off someone is headed to the house and the road dead ends at our house.  When both went off I went out to the deck a small white car was headed to the house too fast for this dirt road.  When they found out there was no outlet (it is posted) they turned around and left.

While I was out on the deck I noticed a truck parked down next to the livestock pen. Hunting season for big game with a bow is now open in Utah.   We are hunters and have gone hunting for Elk, Deer, Pig, Antelope, Turkey, Pheasant, Dove and Quail.  However, we do not hunt next to homes.  Also, the deer we have around here we do not consider game but pets.  We feed the deer, foxes, squirrels, birds, turkeys anything that comes up to the house.  The hunters are too lazy to go up higher and hunt were no one lives. Bill decided to shoot a few rounds with his .45 to scare off any deer that might be around and the hunter promptly left.  It's nice having a canyon next to the house makes for a lot more noise.

We are getting ready for the upcoming winter  Bill has already filled the garage full of firewood and now he is working on piling it up under the deck right next to the basement door.

We already have one tree changing colors.  Pretty soon all the scrub oaks on the mountain will changing colors and I can not wait to get photos of my first fall here.

Bill cleared out a section of our property and it has a park like setting.  My goal next year is to find a vintage travel trailer to put in this area and fix it up to look like a campsite.  What a fun place it will be to hang out and read or if someone comes up and wants to stay in it would be a lot of fun.  

I can just picture a vintage Airstream parked right here.

P is for Propane Tank, Pump (water), Pine Trees and Plow aka The Beast
I couldn't just pick one!

Until Next Time,

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