Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ebay Find and Christmas Ornament Exhange

Woke up this morning and could hardly get out of bed some how I tweaked my lower back.  Went down to the high school and walked a mile on the track trying to loosen it up.  No such luck.  I took a pain pill and have the heating pad on it.  I hope it is better by tomorrow.  Bill and I have a big job ahead of us.  We still have two storage garages with our stuff from the move.  We are going to get all of it into one garage and drop the other garage. 

I found this vintage souvenir pennant on eBay.  I will be making it part of our decor.  I hope to find some more vintage items that will look good in our "Cabin" type house.

Join me over at Lark's Country Heart Facebook Page to sign up for a Christmas Ornament Exchange.
You can sign up for either a Homemade or Store Bought Ornament.

I am looking forward to having our First Christmas in our new home and what better way to start out by receiving a special Christmas ornament to place on the tree.

E is for Emu Egg

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