Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy in the Kitchen and Olive

I kept myself pretty busy today.  Anna and I went to town to pick up the mail, then to Joanne's and then to the market.  I made a double batch of cookie dough and then divided it.  I bought a bag of Mini Reese's and cut them up and added the milk, dark and white chocolate Reese's.  The other dough I added semi sweet chocolate chips and coconut I was wishing I had bought some pecans.  We then went for our nightly walk. For dinner we had panini sandwiches.  I had a swiss cheese with pesto, pepperonchins, tomatoes, spinach and onions.

Olive has a new trick while she is sitting on Bill's lap on the chair she climbs up behind his head and starts biting his ear.  As you can see from Bill's hand she plays pretty rough.

Olive favorite place to play is the deck and loves to scoot under my patio chairs.

M is for Mounds (my favorite candy next to Sees)

Until Next Time,

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