Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo Challenge Challenges and Olive

I know Photo Challenges can be just that a"Challenge".  I thought the A-Z Photo challenge would be easy until the letters like Q, X and Z, I was wrong.  I completely go blank on every letter.  I go around the house yelling I need a N word and so on.  Thank goodness for Bill and Anna they give me great suggestions.  

Well here I am at the letter "O" and half of my dream team isn't here.  Anna left early this morning for California for a visit with friends and family.  How can I concentrate on a"O" word while my baby is driving 7 hours across 4 states by herself!  I'm a wreck until I get that call or text that she has arrived safely.  Then in a couple weeks I get to go through it again when she comes home.

With all that being said I am going to do my "O" photograph tomorrow.  I know what I'm going to take a picture of when I go downtown tomorrow.  I will leave you with Olive baby pictures and another beautiful Utah sunset.

9.5 lbs of love

She will grow into those bat ears

Love this fat belly

Until Next Time,

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