Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Do Have A Mantel

I was enjoying visiting blogs this morning and came across The Lettered Cottage and she was having a Fall Link Party with beautifully decorated mantels.  Bill and I have talked about how nice it would have been for our new house to have a fireplace with a mantel.  But after going through our first winter we do love how much heat that is put out by our soapstone wood stove.  As I looked at every one's photos I was looking around at my decor challenged house and there I spotted it.  Above the front door and between the windows in the living room are wood shelves my answer to a "Mantel".

Above the front door Bill had put this collection of insulators across the shelve.  I took a few of them down and I have candle holders about the same size of the insulators.  Simple but sweet.

In the living area I put up pumpkins, leaves, primitive candy corn and other fall items.  I had already but up my birdhouse that Bill had made me along with a couple of decoys and deer antlers.  I am pleased with the way it came out and my house is starting to feel like a home.  (I can't wait to put my snowmen up for Christmas)

Today they pulled out our water pump and found out they used the wrong pipe and that will have to be replaced too.  We were told the well going to the spring was 400 feet down and it is really 520 feet down.  The pump guy is hoping to have everything by tomorrow and have the work completed by Thursday.  Keeping my fingers crossed this is a long time to go without water.  I even went to town today just to get my hair washed.

Until Next Time,

The Lettered Cottage

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