Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Rural Life for Me

Yesterday for most of the day we did not have any water and the plumber was not calling us back.  I was in panic mode - No Shower.  Our electrician showed up to start work in our basement and he took a look at the pump breaker and pressed the reset (there's a reset?) and magically we had water again.  We are city folk who need to learn the ropes of this rural lifestyle. 

Here are some of my City Vs Rural

Trash Pick Up Vs Taking Our Trash Down The Mountain

Mail/UPS/FedEx Delivery Vs Pick Up mail and packages in town

Land Line Vs Cell Phone

Sewer Vs Septic

Water always there Vs Spring 400ft water pump & can run out

Paved Streets Vs Dirt Dirt and more Dirt

Electricity Vs A wheel and a couple dozen hamsters (just kidding)
we don't even need a generator, progress

All kidding aside I love it up here.  It's quiet, beautiful, wildlife (animals, not like CA's wildlife), kick ass sunsets, National Parks, hunting, fishing and all 4 seasons there's more but I don't want to brag too much.

The BLM was back 3 times this week working on the fire break.  There are two men in this photo it's like playing "Where's Waldo" that is how thick the trees and brush are.  Bless those guys.

Olive went to the Vet yesterday and her shots are now up to date until next year.  She is 15 lbs and will be 4 months at the end of September.  Look at those feet they are huge and she is going to grow into them.  For the last 17 plus years we had two Jack Russell Terriers that were 15 lbs.  Olive could easily be 50 lbs although I would be pleased if she didn't go over 30 lbs.

I am leaving you with this Maple tree - Reminding you it is now Fall

Until Next Time,

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