Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane - Deparment Stores

This morning I had such a craving for a Monte Cristo Sandwich and I know I am not going to find one in Southern Utah let alone a good one.  It got me thinking how much I miss the Monte Cristo Sandwich from Buffum's Department Store.  The only two things I ever ordered off the menu was the Monte Cristo and "For The Ladies" Chicken Salad served with a hard boiled egg and date bread.

Now not only am I missing that yummy sandwich I am missing all the great Department Stores I would go to with my mom in the 1960's and 1970's.  Before Macy's started to buy them up and turn them into JCP or Sears or they just closed up and faded away.

Bullock's was my favorite of all the Department Stores.  My mom would take me to lunch at either Bullock's Pasadena or Wilshire.  I loved when the fashion shows were going on during lunch.  Year after year we would see the same ladies modeling the clothing. We also had favorite waitresses at each store and would asked to be seated where they were serving. Bullock's also had the best after Christmas sales.  I remember saving up my allowance for the longest time (I got 25 cents a week) to get my white leather Go-Go boots from Bullock's which cost me $8.00.  Another department store that had the fashion shows during lunch was Hinshaws and we would go there too.

Shopping back then was enjoyable not a chore like it is today.  Clothing was made to last.  The staff was helpful and ready to assist you.    I want to keep a hold of those memories and It's no wonder I do my shopping online today.

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