Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Walk Around The House

Good morning I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee this beautiful morning.  I've been looking at photographs I took while walking around our property yesterday.  We live on 42 acres but a lot of that acreage goes up the mountain and is heavily wooded.  Thanks to the deer we have nice game paths throughout the property which makes it a little easier to explore.  I make sure I always have my camera on me you just never know what you are going to see.

Yesterday's walk wasn't all that far from the house.  Bill, Olive and I went for a nice walk.  One thing Olive likes to do is grab a piece of wood or a rock and carry it around with her.  I love that is has her paw on a pine cone. 

Olive didn't want to have anything to do with standing on this stump.  But notice she still has the piece of wood in her mouth anyway just barely.

At the beginning of summer the Forestry suggested that we trim up all the low branches on the trees around the house.  Sap has now covered where the branch was cut off and dripped.  When the sun hits the sap it just sparkles.  

This cactus is starting to shrivel up and it reminds me of a quilt or smocking.  The texture is beautiful.

Bill started to clean Olive's teeth she thought it was more fun to clamp down on the toothbrush

Olive is almost 4 months old needless to say I think we should have started this adventure much earlier.  Got to keep those razor sharp puppy teeth nice and shinny. Notice all the bites on Bill's hands and arms.

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