Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Favorite Things: Hand Cream

I guess this really isn't a product review since I have used this hand cream for years it is more a product rave.  I despise hand cream/lotion I don't like the way it feels on my hands.  I get nasty dry skin during the winter and I have tried dozens of lotions and they do not work on my skin it just makes my skin greasy and the alligator skin is still there.

Years ago I discovered L'annine hand cream and it's the first lotion that isn't greasy and works like a charm.  Another thing I love about L'annine a little goes a long way. Since moving to Utah my dry skin has been out of control and no one carries L'annine here. I went to my go-to online shopping Amazon and I ordered 4 tubes one of each scent.  I couldn't make up my mind of which to order since I love all the scents. If you suffer from dry skin you will love this.

I just learned from a friend of mine (Thank you Marilyn) at least two days or longer before flying do not use any type of hand cream that has glycerine in it.  All the bells and whistles will be going off and TSA will get very friendly with you as Marilyn said she felt like asking for a cocktail and a cigarette by the time they got done with her.

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